Hunan Black Reserve

Medium Bodied - Cocoa Flavors - Comforting 

Black Velvet - Assam - Black Tea

Molasses Notes - Medium Rich Body - Smooth 



Earl Grey - Organic Black Tea

Light Bodied - Bergamot Flavored- Takes Lemon Well - 

Yunnan Tiger - Black Tea

Lean Bodied - Coco Flavor - Soothing  

Ceylon Classic - Black

Bright and Brisk Flavor - Full Bodied - Refreshing

Dark Rose

 Dark tea differs from black tea because it goes through a secondary fermentation process that promotes aging and probiotic qualities. This Dark Rose tea contains Hunan dark tea from the XeuFeng Mountain with rose petals from Shandong province. It provides a smooth dark tea taste with hints of roses that's great for all audiences. 

Columbia Darjeeling - Black

Our Favorite- Vanilla Notes - Stone Fruit (Peach/Nectarine)

Ceylon Large Leaf - Organic Black Tea

Organic - Medium Smooth Body - Citrus Note - Great iced, sweetened or for kombucha! 

1999 Sheng Puer

Puer is a special dark tea that comes from Yunnan province in China. These teas are prized for their aging potential and medicinal properties. Depending on how long you steep them (30sec - 30min) it can provide a bright medium bodied golden liquor flavor.